Clarity Amidst Confusion

The Fear of a Fool is Relieved with Embarrassment

Sometimes I really have to watch what I say, even in these small intros I do for these articles.  I can easily get carried away and say things unbecoming of “fellow” portfolio manager.  Anyway, this article is about three pages long, and worth every page.  “Are index-linked CDs a sucker bet?” by Margaret Collins and Zeke Faux gives you some great reasons to question index-linked CDs.  Just a few reasons that jumped out at me while reading it: put the “possible” return you are buying into numbers you can

Buttons Aren't Stupid Proof

Ok, we could talk for hours about the craziness that went down in the stock markets yesterday.  We can speculate this and that, but Kendall and I will just end up getting mad.  The short of how we see what happened is that you had first one idiot, in control of a button attached to a computer, that had a preprogrammed trading scenario set up, that pushed said button when the Rolaids ran out.  In addition, you have a whole lot of other idiots, in charge of other buttons that themselves lost all stomach strength when they saw the end of the world in the form of a falling mar

A Liar Gives Ear To A Mischievous Tongue

I apologize for the title which is only partially relevant, but it sounds good.  O.K., for those of you who actually like to do your homework, below are linked both the News Release of the SEC charging Goldman, and the actual court document.

More Support for the Fiduciary Standard

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I wanted to put some more support out there on this Fiduciary versus Suitability farce continuing to make headlines.  The war is becoming fiercer, as Dodd’s bill now recommends a yearlong study of the issue, insurance companies continue to swamp the battlefield with lobbying dollars, and prime experts and heroes draw lines in the sand.


A recap of the current action is offered in this article by Reuters:

Wealth Protection

This is a great short little read titled, “Jason Zweig on Protecting your Wealth”.  It has a ton of unspoken advice that we at Anderson Griggs would deem “common sense”.  It is an interview of Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal by Advisor Perspective’s David Raileanu.  From behavior finance and risk, to gold, tips and emerging markets, it should have something for everyone.

A good place to be

This article runs slightly over three pages long.  It’s an interview with Peter Lynch given by Roee Bergman and found on the GLOBES[online] website of Israel’s Business Arena.  It is chock-full of the good old common sense investment advice you would expect from the legendary Lynch.  The funny thing is, his advice has not changed in the 30+ years he is known for his investment prowess; it hasn’t changed since he wrote those referenced classics which adorn our own bookcase shelves here at Anderson Griggs; this advice didn’t change during the

Are You a Bull on America?

You can call him an Oracle.  You can claim he is your investment hero.  I just love how simply he can relate his down to earth common sense to us all.  And it is not that he is chronically optimistic.  It just so happens that what Warren Buffet has always seen in America, and has come to play out time and time again, is progress with an undying willingness to persevere.  This is a great article and I really love the perspective you gain from his last paragraph.


What does a New Financial Foundation Mean?

This Washington Post article titled, "A New Financial Foundation" is a good read for all intelligent investors.  It is a quick road into the minds of Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers.  They offer a quick summation of what they believe were the causes to the financial crisis and then briefly offer the five big points that will be the focus of reform towards avoiding further problems in the future.  I want to say, although I am not cold and uncaring, the Third Key Problem of consumer protection should not be up to the government.  This is our own personal responsibility, eac

Useless Buzz

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